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5 Ways to backup your critical transformers on a budget

5 Ways to backup your critical transformers....on a budget!

Nobody wants to be caught staring at the black outer shell of what use to resemble one of their critical transformers, but in a day and age where Murphy's Law seems to rule, it is always a possibility. The entire electric grid is dependent on transformers. Generation companies rely on transformers (GSU's) to step up the voltage before it goes onto the transmission line, and utilities require them to step the voltage back down for distribution, using a power substation transformer. Industrial, Mining, and Manufacturing companies need them to step voltages down even further to run their equipment, using either unit substation transformers, pad mounted transformers or pole mounted transformers.

When a transformer fails, it's typically all hands on deck to find a solution or a replacement. It, happens daily, across the nation. Lost revenue, angry customers..............same old story, just a different day. It seems to…