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The Reconditioning and Rewinding Process

There are many reasons why you may need a new transformer. This could be due to a failing unit or increased power demands. UTB understands that the task of obtaining a new transformer can be daunting. Lead times on new units can occasionally be several months out. Rewinding or reconditioning a transformer can solve most of your issues. This can be beneficial to you financially and save you time in the end. When a transformer is designated to be rewound or reconditioned, it is initially brought into the shop for a visual inspection and tested for any electrical issues. The bushings, radiators, gauges, cabinets and main tank are all checked for any damage that requires immediate attention and repair. All electrical and mechanical components are then tested for proper operation. The next step of the process is to cut the top off the transformer and pull out the core and coils. Once the internals of the transformer are removed, they are inspected for defects. The decision is then made on wh…