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Differences between Conventional and CSP Pole Mount Transformers

If you have ever worked with pole mount transformers, you have most likely run into both CSP and conventional types. Have you wondered what each name means and how the two types differ from each other? CSP, or Completely Self Protected transformers contain several safeguards to avoid issues that would cause overloading or damage to the transformer. Conventional transformers do not have any of these features which usually means they will need to be attached to a cut out switch. The most recognizable component of a CSP transformer is the lightning arrestor. The arrestor protects against power surges caused by switching, lightning, or other high voltage sources. The lightning arrestor provides a path to ground to divert the high voltage surge rather than it passing through the transformer internals. Another component CSP transformers are fitted with is the current sensing weak link on the high voltage side. If any part of the power distribution system fails, and too much current is being d…